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Graphic designGraphic design

Your functional, clear and applicable web pages are our priority. That does not mean they should not have good looks. Appearance and first impression play a major role in the first contact with a brand. Overall visual appearance is created by these components:


Is one of the cornerstones of the web. With proper use of graphics we will turn a simple text page into a delightful combination of typography and graphics to increase clarity and transparency of the resulting website.

Corporate identity

We know that the overall look of your site will affect the emotions of users and create an impression. Therefore, we will define brand the way to positively affect the mentality and behavior of users on your site.

Logo creation

Logo is one of the most powerful elements, differentiating your company from others. The users will identify you more easily if you have your logo in the home page of your website.

Flash animation

We create animations particularly to make web pages look more attractive with the purpose to gain user’s attention. All banner advertising and other animations are created in the design studio using Adobe Flash application or others.


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