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Stages of the order

When ordering the web pages, you will receive a warm and professional approach from all our employes. During development you will gain access to the test domain and the opportunity to comment the work while still in progress of creation to suit you the best way. We will transform your ideas into a ready made product with these steps:

  1. Use any way to contact us.
  2. We will call you back and arrange a personal meeting, then we sign a contract for work or open an long distance cooperation.
  3. We will discuss and specify the layout, names, set the goals, analyze targeted customers and competitors.
  4. We will abstract the design of the overall concept and web layout, design pages, categories and functions based on data supplied.
  5. The first form of graphic designwill be sent to you withing seven days for your consideration.
  6. Once agreed on computer graphics, you will be liable to settle part invoice. (the rest is due in point 10).
  7. We will program, set the CMS system and solve website's technicalities.
  8. Then it is a testing mode, when we review the fulfillment of the tasks assigned and fine-tuning of the details.
  9. We run website optimization and continually monitor its performance.
  10. Usually within 30 days we will present and hand over the finished product to you.

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